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Spacer Spacer Submission to the Liquor Review 1996

Recommendations from the Submission

The Alcohol & Public Health Research Unit
Drinking in New Zealand
Aggregate consumption figures
Patterns of drinking
Availability of alcohol
General perspectives on the Sale of Liquor Act
Liquor Review 1996:
By Terms of Reference
(1) The Minimum Drinking Age
(a) Age restricted premises
(b) Age Identification
(2) Supermarket and Off-Licence Sales on Sunday
(3) Sunday Trading in Hotels and Taverns
(4) Issues relating to different types of licence
(a) On-licences and restaurant licences
(b) Special licences and temporary authorities
(c) Club licences
(d) Who may hold an on licence
(5) Drinking/trading hours
(6) Definition of intoxication
(7) Host responsibility
(8) Training for licensees and manager's certificates
(9) Roles of the Liquor Licensing Authority & District Licensing Agencies
(a) Decision Making Powers
(b) Greater Flexibility with regard to Conditions and Sanctions
(c) Role of Other Statutory Agencies
(i) Medical Officer of Health
(ii) Police
(iii) Liaison between statutory agencies
(10) The position of Licensing Trusts
(11) Technical issues
(12) Alcohol advertising
(13) Health warnings

Other Key Issues

(14) Licensing fees
(15) Annual returns
(16) Community involvement
(a) Notification
(b) Rights of objection from the community
(c) Criteria for licences
(d) Town planning and the location of licensed premises

Recommendations from APHRU'S Submission

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