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Spacer Spacer Submission to the Liquor Review 1996

Technical Issues

1. Exemption for liquor chocolates. Supported.

2. Who May Hold an On-Licence. See section 4 above.

3. Licence Applications

For town planning, see section 16, Community Involvement.

The Alcohol & Public Health Research Unit supports continuation of town planning certificate requirements and Building Act certificates as a prerequisite for a licence. From a public health perspective, it is appropriate that the premises in which the public gather for the purchase and consumption of alcohol meet appropriate standards for hygiene, toilets, fire safety etc. The details of these requirements are set by the appropriate Acts.

4. Objections. See section 16, Community Involvement.

5. Criteria for on-licences. See section 9(b), Powers of the LLA.

6. Temporary Authorities. See Section 4(b), Types of Licences

9. and 10. Power of the Authority to delegate and send statements to agencies. See sections 4 and especially 9 above.

11. Power to award costs. Supported.

12. Clarification of right to appear. Supported but see section 16, Community Involvement

13. Manager on duty at all times on clubs. Strongly supported. See Section 4(c), Types of Licences

14. Notification of temporary manager to DLA. Supported.

15. Make sales by unlicensed person an offence. Supported.

16. Make it an offence to incite to intoxication. Strongly supported. See section 7, Host Responsibility

17. Permitting staff to drink after hours.

18. Power of police to seize samples. Supported.. Also seizure of ID cards, along with court recognition of averment See Sections 1 and 6.

19. Forfeiture of seized liquor. Supported.

20. Annual returns. See section 15.

21. Converted licences to be renewed

The purpose behind possibly requiring holders of converted licences to apply for new licences is not spelled out in the Discussion Document. However, it could be that a requirement for 'suitable' licensees to show evidence of training on licensing law and host responsibility practices on application and also at time of renewals may be sufficient to cover the intentions.

Other technical issues

1. BYO. Support continuing requirement for BYO endorsed licence (with a low fee), as this requires owner/manager of the 'place of resort' to be responsible for levels of intoxication and other aspects of host responsibility.

2. Reports. Reporting by Medical Officers of Health strongly supported, see Section 7 above.

3. Purchasing liquor for minors.

Support strengthening section 160 of the Act. However, exemptions for 'parents, guardians and spouses' to clauses making it an offence to supply alcohol to minors should apply to situations of private consumption only. In the interests of a clear and enforceable minimum drinking age for on-licensed and restaurant licensed premises (see section 1), the Alcohol & Public Health Research Unit does not support these exemptions applying to any type of premises licensed for the sale and consumption of liquor on the premises.

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