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Spacer Spacer Submission to the Liquor Review 1996

Training for Licensees and Manager's Certificates

Evidence of suitability

  • Licensing Agencies or health promotion officers. The review offers the opportunity to formalise this successful practice.
  • This approach would be consistent with developments in other comparable countries. For example, it has become a standard practice of justices' licensing committees in England and Wales, as a satisfactory way of meeting the requirement in the 1964 legislation that licensees be 'fit and proper' (Light 1994). Server training for staff is now widespread in Australia and the US, and research shows that it can impact on drinking environments and drinking practices when backed by adequate enforcement and public education campaigns (McKnight & Streff 1993; Stockwell 1992) and significantly reduce alcohol related harm such as drink drive crashes (Holder & Wagenaar 1994).

Improving club management

  • Research interviews with local statutory officers indicated concern that some larger clubs were becoming 'de facto taverns', but were run by committees with annually changing members who could be under-informed about their responsibilities under the Act (Hill & Stewart 1996). In the 1995 national survey of drinking, one in five of the 14-17years olds had drunk alcohol in a sports club in the last 12 months (Wyllie, Millard & Zhang 1996).

An appropriate strategy for clubs may be to arrange training for several committee members and rotate theresponsibility to be present while the bar is open.

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