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Spacer Spacer Submission to the Liquor Review 1996

The position of Licensing Trusts

  • The Alcohol & Public Health Research Unit supports the continuation of Licensing Trusts as an elected form of community control with potential for community participation in the reduction of alcohol problems (Stewart & Casswell 1987). It is licensee practices rather than forms of ownership that are the focus of the Sale of Liquor Act. There is no evidence that Trust owned premises are in general better or worse than similar premises with regard to compliance with the law or host responsibility.
  • The Alcohol & Public Health Research Unit does not support a view that 'no licence' areas or the election of Licensing Trusts are anachronistic. In Canada, no-licence by-laws are not uncommon. They may be either introduced or repealed by a poll, following a petition from 20% of local electors. A similar situation exists in many of the United States

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