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Alcohol in New Zealand
A Decade of Drinking: Ten-year Trends in Drinking Patterns in Auckland, 1990-1999
Drinking in New Zealand national surveys
Alcohol in the Dunedin longitudinal childhood study, current project
Wine in NZ supermarkets
See also Policy Research
Alcohol Advertising
Opinions of Communications Experts
Children's and Young People's Responses to Alcohol Advertising
Surveys of Children's and Young People's Responses to Alcohol Advertising
Public Opinion on Alcohol Advertising
Content Analysis of Alcohol Advertising
Expenditure on and Exposure to Alcohol Advertising
Drugs in New Zealand
Survey research into drug consumption in New Zealand
Community Action on Youth and Drugs (CAYAD)
Women and Drugs, 1992
Cannabis Policy in New Zealand
Cannabis policy in 10 Auckland schools
Policy Research
Auckland Pseudo Patrons Project
Young People, Alcohol and Safer Public Spaces
Strategic Purchasing Advice to the Health Funding Authority
The Role of Local Government, 2000
Submission on amendments to the Sale of Liquor Act, 1998-99
Responsive Regulation and the Sale of Liquor in New Zealand, 1998
Regulating the Sale of Liquor: International Perspectives, 1996
The Sale of Liquor Act, 1989: Local Perspectives, 1995-6
Drink Driving in Rural New Zealand
Stakeholders' Perceptions of Host Responsibility, 1993 and 1995
Alcohol & Public Policy
Media Advocacy and Policy Development
Alcohol and Taxation
Economic Costs of Alcohol, 1995
Cannabis Policy in New Zealand
Community Action Research
Meta Analysis of Community Action Research Projects
Community Action on Youth and Drugs (CAYAD)
Alcohol and Youth Community Action Project, current project
Alcnet - Computer Networking, 1993-1994
Liquor Licensing Project, 1990-1991
Community Action Project, 1982-85
Maori Drink-Drive Programme

Theorising Youth Mental Health Promotion

Communications Research
Communication Materials, 1992
Finished Advertisements, 1992
Assessing Response to Campaigns
Host Responsibility Campaign Evaluation
Other ALAC Communications Research
NZ Family Planning Association, 1992
NZ Drug Foundation
Food Research
Influences on Teenage Food Choices -
- The Samoan study, 1995-6
- The Pakeha study, 1994-5
- The Maori study, current project
- Fruit and Vegetables, 1996
Televised Food Advertising for Children, 1996
Food Prices
Food Balance Sheet
Pesticide Residues in Food
Community Gardening, 1994
Evaluation research
Injury Prevention in the Meat Industy, 1992-1997
Nursing Back Injury Prevention, 1993-95
Emergency Department Protocol on partner abuse, 1993-94
Pacific Island Child Restraint in Cars, 1995
Pacific Islands Sexual Health, current project
Heartbeat New Zealand, 1989-92
Cot Death Information, 1993
Tobacco Programmes, current project

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