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Annual returns

  • The collection of data on licensed premises is important to both researchers and policy makers if the major policy change introduced by the 1989 Sale of Liquor Act is to be accurately assessed. This requires information on the number of different types of licensed premises operating at any one time, and volume and type of liquor sold by type of premises. Information on volume and type of liquor for each local outlet will be of use to local enforcement officers, since the volume of liquor sold has been identified as an important indicator of individual premises with high risk of alcohol related harm (Stockwell, Somerford & Lang 1992).
  • Data collection to date from District Licensing Agencies seems to have focused on the number of applications processed, without adequate reporting about businesses closing or changing hands, or about premises which hold, for example, an off- as well as an on-licence. This makes it difficult to be confident about figures supplied by the Liquor Licensing Authority in response to questions about the total number of licensed premises currently operating, or of each type.
  • A requirement in the Act for licensees to make annual returns by volume and type of liquor sold has never been implemented.

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