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Drinking in New Zealand

Since 1990 the Alcohol & Public Health Research Unit has conducted nine regional (Auckland) tracking surveys and three national surveys of 14-65 years olds to gather information on drinking patterns, alcohol-related problems and other alcohol-related issues in New Zealand.  

The most recent national survey report is based on data collected between late August and December 2000.  This report compares the results of national surveys of alcohol use, carried out in 1995 and 2000 and discusses changes in drinking patterns in the context of the changing alcohol environment in New Zealand.

The surveys are funded by the Alcohol Advisory Council and the methodology has been peer reviewed as part of the Health Research Council funding process. Information from these surveys is used to make comparisons between the use of alcohol in New Zealand and overseas, and to provide information for health service providers, educators, and policy-makers.

A report based on the first four Auckland surveys was published in 1993 (Wyllie, Zhang & Casswell 1993). Analyses of the Auckland trends from 1990 to 1999 have also been published. Reported here are findings from the 1995 national survey of drinking in New Zealand.

Between September and December 1995, 4232 people aged 14 to 65 years were surveyed. The sample was randomly selected from throughout New Zealand. Interviews were conducted using the Alcohol and Public Health Research Unit's CATI (computer assisted telephone interviewing) system. The response rate was 76%.

Of these respondents, 516 (12%) identified themselves as Maori or part Maori. This proportion of Maori is similar to Statistics New Zealand estimates at the time of the survey (13%). Hwever, Maori males were underrepresented (42%). The findings below are for the total research sample. Results from Maori respondents are reported separately in Te Ao Waipiro: Maori and Alcohol in 1995.

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Researchers :

Allan Wyllie, Jia-Fang Zhang, Margaret Millard, and the CATI team
Research report: Drinking in New Zealand, 1995
Peer review: Internal

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