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Ko ou hikoinga i runga i toku whariki
Ko tou noho i töku whare
E huakina ai oku tatau oku matapihi
Your steps on my whariki
Your respect for my home
Opens doors and windows

Whariki is a Maori health research group working in a process of partnership with the Alcohol & Public Health Research Unit at the University of Auckland. The name Whariki arose from the above whakatauki which expresses part of the kaupapa of the group.

One understanding of this whakatauki is that health involves the wairua, tinana and hinengaro and in order for us to pursue health, we must respect all elements. A further meaning for us, as researchers, is that in order for doors and windows to be opened we must tread gently. We cannot ask for information without respecting those who chose to share and without understanding our responsibilities and accountabilities.

Whariki are responsible for a number of projects as well as working with other Unit staff on a range of public health issues.

Whariki recognises multiple accountabilities which are negotiated through the Unit, and with communities and other parties.

Kaupapa - Our Mission

To provide high quality research, to tautoko Maori communities
and to further the development of a Maori health research workforce.
In line with the overall Unit philosophy, Whäriki does not ascribe to one methodology, but believes that high quality research means providing the appropriate methods for different needs and purposes.

Whäriki recognises multiple accountabilities which are negotiated, both through the Unit and with communities and other parties with whom Whäriki works. Whäriki are responsible for a number of projects as well as working in partnership with other Unit staff. Our overall goal is to contribute to uplifting the health of our people and to work towards Maori development aspirations.

Te Putake - Our Focus
Whariki recognises our responsibility to work on a range of levels and widely disseminate information. We provide research which can be fed into policy decisions - from government, to local marae and whanau.

One of the most active areas we work in is community action programmes, implemented by Maori providers. This means that we are able to work alongside Maori communities who are providing their own solutions in local areas. This may invlove formative, process and impact evaluation and our aim is to provide the best evaluation knowledge that we have to feed into programmes and to give an in-depth understanding of different aspects of programmes and their impacts.

Whariki is involved in surveys on alcohol and other drug use. This is a more recent development which aims to provide quantitative data on a range of issues important to Maori.

Evaluation training to Maori health providers is a reflection of our commitment to Maori workforce development. Training includes recognising issues for Maori workers and identifying funding requirements for programmes.

Nga Huruhuru - Our Work

Community action and development
Qualitative investigation
Quantitative investigation
Health policy
Training and workforce development
Maori health advocacy
Research undertaken by Whariki involves:
Mäori Participation
Mäori Accountability
Mäori Appropriate Methods and Processes
Mäori World View
Mäori Ownership and Intellectual Property Rights


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