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Evaluation Support

The Alcohol & Public Health Research Unit and Whariki are contracted by the HFA to provide evaluation training and support to health promotion workers in the Auckland region.

What we can do for you:

  • Group or Individual Consultation
  • Training Workshops
  • Information and resources
  • Meet and talk about evaluation.
  • Help you use evaluation to improve your health promotion programmes.
  • Assist you in a range of ways - for example, to plan your evaluation, develop evaluation tools such as feedback questionnaires, decide how to pre-test your resources.
  • Access health promotion evaluation information and resources,
  • Conduct training workshops on health promotion programme evaluation.

What does it cost?

As the HFA purchases this service from the Alcohol & Public Health Research Unit, it is free to you.

If you have any questions about our service, want to talk about your evaluation needs, or you want to find out about future 2001 Evaluation Training Programmes, contact us.

This will also ensure that you are on our mailing list.

Gayl Humphrey
Alcohol & Public Health Research Unit
University of Auckland
PB 92019, Auckland
Ph (09) 3737 524 Fax (09) 3737 057

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