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An Evaluation Manual
Programme Evaluation: An Introductory Guide for Health Promotion (1998)

This manual has been written for those planning and implementing health promotion programmes where evaluation activities will be undertaken largely within their organisation.

As with earlier manuals, Doing Evaluation: A Manual for Health Promotion Workers (1992) and Planning Evaluation of Health Promotion Programmes: A Framework for Decision Making (1992), this booklet is intended as a guide for health promotion practitioners, rather than a fully comprehensive text. Readings have been included for those wanting to know more about evaluation issues or specific research methods. It is hoped that, by using this booklet, practitioners will feel more able to approach evaluation in a way that supports and enhances their everyday health promotion work. In addition, it is hoped that evaluation will become an integral part of the management and planning of health promotion activities and occur over the whole course of the programme.

Table of Contents

Full text in MS Word, 358 KB

A hard copy is available free of charge from:

Alcohol & Public Health Research Unit
University of Auckland
PB 92019, Auckland
Ph (09) 3737 524 Fax (09) 3737 057

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