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Evaluation Research

Evaluation of Regional Public Health Tobacco Services

The Alcohol & Public Health Research Unit was contracted by the Northern Regional Health Authority (now the HFA - Health Funding Authority) in 1996 to design and undertake an external evaluation of the tobacco services delivered by Auckland Healthcare and Northland Health.. This evaluation research examines their health promotion, health education and health protection activities.

The evaluation plan, developed in consultation with health service providers and peer reviewed prior to implementation, has the following objectives:

  • Documentation and assessment of the tobacco programmes.
  • Developing appropriate impact measures for the overall regional programme, as well as for selected key programme areas.
  • Using those measures to establish the impact of the programmes.
  • Contributing information to assist managers, programme coordinators and workers to make continuous quality improvements.
  • Contributing information that will assist the HFA and other service purchasers to make effective decisions in future tobacco programme purchasing.

Areas of particular focus identified by the HFA are:

  • The effectiveness, accessibility and appropriateness of the programmes for Maori.
  • The integration of regulatory, health promotion and health education components of the programmes.
  • External influences which impede or enhance the programmes, including linkages with other organisations.
  • Comparison of programme design and delivery with national and international models of 'best practice'.

In meeting these requirements, the researchers employ a methodological framework that integrates evaluation theory and methods with Maori research values. Implementation of the evaluation project commenced in March 1997 and will run until November 1999.

Carla Spinola, Helen Moewaka Barnes, Bridgette Masters

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